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Offering a 401k plan makes you competitive. But if you want to be a king among pawns, let Nicklas design a custom program to protect your employees and prepare your business for the future. Play the below video to see how Nicklas can benefit you.


Are you evaluating the effectiveness of your 401k plan? You don’t have to go it alone. Nicklas financial can help.

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Your employees work hard for their money. Saving for retirement should be simple. We'll work with you to address their individual goals and establish financial strategies in line with their risk tolerance.

Our goal is to create a strong financial plan that can be modified according to each employee's current and future position. It's about managing expectations, allowing for change, and keeping goals in focus.



You recognize the importance of keeping good employees, but do you have a strategy in place to make sure they stay? Whether you need to establish a strategic retention plan or want to take your current plan from "good to great," we can help.

From aligning and leveraging your existing resources and programs, to creating processes and systems to help you identify at-risk employees, we can assist you with making measurable—and repeatable—improvement to your retention efforts.



You've built a business you're proud of and you want to make sure it continues to thrive long after you've left the helm. But statistics show that less than one in three businesses maintain operations into the second generation of the family and just one in ten survive into the third generation—due, in part, to the lack of succession plans.

As a third-generation company, we understand the challenges that make achieving longevity and stability difficult and can help you craft succession plans to leave a lasting legacy.