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"The most powerful weapon in chess is to have the next move."

-David Bronstein, chess grandmaster and tactical genius.

Triangle Top 10 Reasons You Should Join the Nicklas Team:

Published on: December 11, 2013

Top 10 Reasons You Should Join the Nicklas Team:

10. You’re top-notch – which is our favorite notch. We’d get along great.

9. Access to services from the nation’s largest independent broker/dealer.

8. Local attention and support. We’re not just a name and a voice you might hear over the phone every once in a while. You can come in, shake our hands and collaborate to create solutions.

7. After 35 years in the industry, we know a thing or two.

6. Compliance can seem ominous. We’ll work with you to assist with the requirements.

5. Because we strive to be top-notch. Just like you…see #10

4. You want choices and we have them. You’ll get a complete choice of flexible fee-based programs.

3. We have access to a wide variety of investment products.

2. This guy will come visit you. We promise, it’s a good thing.


1. Because being the master of your own destiny is a beautiful thing. The Nicklas Team can help you get there.


Written by John Anderson
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