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"The most powerful weapon in chess is to have the next move."

-David Bronstein, chess grandmaster and tactical genius.

Triangle Ringing in the New Year!

Published on: January 22, 2016

Ringing in the New Year should bring with it the optimism of being part of a better future.  Whether you are pursuing a better future with your health or with your finances we recommend addressing these three questions.

First, Where am I now?  Without a true understanding of your current position you will most likely not move in the most effective direction toward your better future.  I’ll use the example of travel.  Think about being in a large city with a limited amount of time to enjoy the sites and the people.  Without knowing exactly where you are located you are unable to create a plan to get to where you want to go and you lose precious time and possibly enjoyment of your potential future  Take a thorough assessment of where you are today and record it so you work toward your better future.

Second, Where do you want to be?  Answering this question may require more time and thought.  A quick, off the cuff answer such as, “Not where I am today,” will potentially cause pursuit of an unknown destination, leaving you no closer to your better future than you are today and worse, you may be further away.

And finally, What’s stopping you from getting there?  We all have infinite lists of why nots, a few are valid but many are just excuses.  Make a list of all the roadblocks and obstacles that are potentially slowing you down or stopping you completely.  Are there ways around the obstacles or detours that you can take to get you to your destination?  Or do you need help from others to remove the roadblocks?  Just like a GPS unit warns you about road construction or traffic jams ahead of time, it is critical to identify what’s in your way so you can determine an alternate route or perhaps a solution to overcome the obstacle.

Answering these questions helps you chart the route to your better future.  Then you can begin to enjoy the journey, celebrating each new attraction (achievement) and relationship made along the way. We, at Nicklas Financial, welcome the opportunity to join you in pursuit of your better financial future.

Always remember, EVERY MOVE MATTERS!

Written by Brandon Nicklas
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